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Self-talk Coach

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Have you stood in front of the mirror and criticized everything about yourself? Decided to not go to a networking event because you didn't know how to approach people? Or maybe you feel like no one will take you seriously.... These are things I help people with. As a Catalyst, we will work through these limiting beliefs and get you where you want to be. 


Long walks on the beach - oh wait, no beaches... Hiking in the mountains? Hmmm... Not yet, but soon. I guess we'll go with Motorcycles. Photography. Meditation. Tarot cards. Oracle cards. Laughing with amazingly fantastic friends. 

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Self-Talk Coaching

From Critic to Ally

The saying 'You are your own worst critic' is so spot on. We criticize ourselves in every facet of our lives, from what we wear, to weight, and from parenthood to partnerships. It is time we build ourselves up and turn that critic into our partner. 

  • Affirmations

  • Awareness

  • Brain Bathe

  • Self-Love


Connections, Confidence and other Unicorns

Unicorns are those mystical, magical creatures we don't believe exist. Some would say that loving to network is not a thing - a mystical, magical creature. Well, not only do I love to network, I LOVE to connect people. 

Networking is all about relationship building. Connecting with people so you can connect them with other people. It takes a certain level of confidence to go into a room filled with unfamiliar faces and turn them into friends and collaborators and resources, and vice versa. 

  • What not to wear

  • Business cards or not

  • Where to go

  • Following up

About you

You are the type of person who is no longer willing to accept the status quo. You are stepping into your power. The conversations you've had in your head are equal to an addict and their drug and you are putting down the needle and taking control of your life. You realize you have had a lifetime of conditional self-love and are willing to fight for yourself - no matter the battle.