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I love to get into groups and watch you Badass women build each other up, help expand ideas and just love one another! Empowered women, empower women! Let’s get it!!

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Schedule a 45 minute consultation with me to decide if we vibe.

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Experiential education combined with traditional allows me to understand and provides me the tools to help level you up. Package are 6 sessions and customized.

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Need a little inspiration & motivation? Learn more about Networking In Real Life, the different between Traditional and Personal Powers and how to harness yours. And finding your motivation and grit

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I host various networking programs in my area. From referral and success / accountability groups to speed networking & mingles. Everyone outside our immediate family we have met through networking. Friendships are formed, career opportunities and even love interests! So really, networking is just Friend-making!

Be your own kind of beautiful.

About Rina

Happy. Passionate. Badass.
"A badass woman is one who does not let fear guide her. She embodies grace in stressful times. She is fluent in self-love and is authentic in everything she does. Having a big heart full of love - not only for herself but others' as well - despite life's events and society's expectations."

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at my stuffs! Let's first cover that tagline on the home page....

'What does this mean? Catalyst for Change? It means I help you level up. It means you get comfortable being uncomfortable. It means you follow your dreams and live your passion despite the fear-based voice in your head telling you no or you can’t or you shouldn’t.


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