Hey again!

I am so glad YOU are here!

I’m gonna guess you’re here because someone mentioned my name to you. Maybe you clicked the link on one of my social media channels. Attended a workshop, maybe? Whatever brought you here, thanks for being curious enough to click through. I hope you find the information and resources here as valuable as I have enjoyed curating/creating it all for you!

Iowa: Native & Captive

Every time I try to move out of this state something keeps me here. Relationships, money, fear. Not so much the fear now, but at one time, totally! So while I’m native, I also feel totally captive. At least I get furloughs when I travel, and I LOVE to travel!

Dying to know a few of my favorite things?

Rain drops on… no… no..

I totally dig sarcasm, comedy and making the best of every situation. Hanging out on a patio with friends. Winter is not my favorite season, mostly due to previous sentence. Road trips, adventures and comfort-zone pushing. (This means various things on various days!)

I will be so amazingly honored when Oprah speaks my name for the first time – I’ll need to be pinched… And when she invites me on to Super Soul Sunday…. Well, let’s just leave that there for now.

I’ve also dipped my toe into modeling and I’m kinda digging that too! No plans to make it a career, but look at the fun shoots I’ve done!

My true loves

Winston and Zoe... my favorite cuddlers. They think I'm pack leader, but the truth is, they have total control of all things.

I am that dog mom that does her best to not disturb them at the expense of my comfort....

The best thing about them, no matter my mood they are there to shine happiness into my soul and my world is so much better because of them!


Somewhere, I'm told, I should share my journey to becoming a Resiliency Coach.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and adulting:

If you aren't familiar with ACEs, it was a test created in the 80's to assess the amount of trauma a child experienced and the future health, violence cycles (victim and perpetrator) and opportunities.

If you'd like to learn more, Harvard has a great article 

And if you'd like to take an ACEs test, you can do so at this link:


This is just one of many places you can take the test and read more about ACEs, the correlations and trauma-informed topics.

If you are wondering why this is part of my focus, it's because I have an ACE score of 4 and while I absolutely consider myself lucky that my experiences were not those considered 'appalling' in society, they certainly shaped me in this journey. My experiences were enough that I rarely stood up for myself or shared my opinion on topics I KNEW a lot about. I didn't actively participate in my life, I allowed it to happen.

Until I was in my mid-thirties...

In 2012 I quit my full-time, 'secure' job and embarked on an adventure that would lead to my second divorce, loss of my closest friend, several career pivots and plant me firmly in the land of coaching.

I felt like an absolute imposter! Why would anyone want to work with me, let alone take career advice from me?!

Enter Resilience and an honest look into my beliefs and internal conversations. Questioning oneself is the hardest, most rewarding work one will ever do... It moves us beyond who we know ourselves to be and allows us to meet the magical part of us that has been waiting so patiently to see the world


Resilience is what we develop when we overcome obstacles. The more difficult or traumatic, the more resilient we become.

The definition I have on the back of my business card is: The ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens.

We won’t ‘bounce back’ from a thing because we’ll be forever changed by it, but we will have a new found strength. We become a survivor or a person with grit and drive and dedication.

We stop being the person we were.


The person we become has the ability to help others, when the person we were may not have been.

Sometimes we find our purpose in the pain. 


I was not a generally happy person in my 20s. I mean, I smiled and I laughed, but I had some anger constantly boiling under the surface just waiting for someone to give me a reason to lash out. I had the best, cut-to-the-core come-backs and felt little remorse, after all I was the victim....

It wasn't until my mid 30s, that I realized the power of a positive attitude. The power of choosing to see the world in a positive way and the true power of gratitude.

Gratitude is so much more than being positive. It is backed in research to help create new neuropathways so we can more easily see the good things around us. It forces our brain to scan the previous 24 hours (if you're keeping a daily gratitude journal) for only the good things that have happened. Once we have trained our brain to see the positive in our past, then we can more easily see the positive in our current and future situations.

Gratitude has been the tool I've used to get me through my most difficult transitions and majestic meltdowns.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all this. Maybe cracked a smile or two. Nodded in agreement. If you have and you’d like to talk with me more about the next steps in your life, or even want to learn more about becoming less emotional, more resilient or learn ways to change thought processes, shoot me a message or book some time with me!

How do I start my journey? I'm ready to start my journey!

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