February 14, 2018


Your Catalyst for Change

What does this mean? Catalyst for Change?

It means I help you level up. It means you get comfortable being uncomfortable. It means you follow your dreams and live your passion despite the fear-based voice in your head telling you no or you can’t or you shouldn’t.

Until around 40 I lived my life never really making a decision for myself. I flowed with what I thought others wanted of me and always chose the safe option. I was living to work and believed a steady paycheck was guaranteed. Sound familiar?

What changed, you might be asking. I did. I knew there was more to life than what I was doing and I decided it was time to start making decisions that made me happy and do things that taught me something. What a freeing experience it is to follow passion!

What would you do if….

….You weren’t afraid? If you chose differently 10 years ago? If you started today?

Fear is the thing that holds us back. What would you do if that voice in your head was telling you “YES YOU CAN!” instead of whispering “what if you fail?”

What would you do if today was the day you decided to start? Where would you be tomorrow?


We take for granted most everything in life. When I work with a person on building their dreams or just improving their life, gratitude is a non-negotiable.

We celebrate wins and focus on successes because we have spent enough of our time hashing and rehashing all the things that went wrong. Finding fault when we should be searching for solutions.

This is a game changer!

What drives me


But let’s be real about this. Working with me does not mean all Unicorns and Rainbows. We deal with real emotions. We dig into the why behind the want. Your breakthroughs drive me. Those make me happy.

My desire to see you succeed is unmatched. Let’s chat about it.