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Gratitude and Optimism. Fear and Depression: Convincing our brain it can change

  Gratitude and Optimism. Fear and Depression: Convincing our Brain it can change Recently I lost a friend. Not in the end-of-life kind of way, but in the you’re-too-optimistic kind of way. At least I think that’s the reason. I’m not entirely sure because this person hasn’t shared an actual reason, so this assumption is […]

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10/22 – What’s Happening

Health – Personal Development Monday Adult ADHD: Navigating Relationships After DiagnosisA workshop for Adults with ADHD and people who care about them – 530-730 Downtown Library – Free Navigating the world as an adult with ADHD is hard. Navigating it in relation to your family and friends is even harder. Tracy Bradley of Ignition Transformation […]

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10/1 – What’s Happening

  Health – Personal Development Monday Tire Trained LOWER BODY!!! 6-7 At this Tire Trained session we will be focusing on lower body (quads, hamstrings, & glutes). Your legs and booty will get a great strength workout and you will also get your heart rate up producing a great HIIT cardio workout too! At the […]

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9/24/18 – What’s Happening

  Health & Personal Development Monday Tired Trained – Booty Brigade 6-7 This workout is a lower body burner focused specifically on building those glute muscles and BURNING FAT! We will have a heart pumping workout that will leave you sweating and you might be cursing me when those glutes are on fire! 😁 Bring […]

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Feel The Feels….

Feel the feels. Deal with the deals. Plan the plans. Why processing feelings and assessing situations is necessary to move forward   Ever have one of those days when everything seems to fall apart? Maybe you’ve seen and felt the signs coming, maybe you really thought you had been dealing, and then one day – […]

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9/17 – What’s happening this week

What’s Happening the week of Sept 17th? ALL THIS! Health – Personal Development Monday Tired Trained – Butts & Guts edition – Mon 6-7 The focus is on GLUTES & ABS!!!! Those are the two most highly requested muscle groups to work so here we go!! The workout will be set up to alternate glute […]

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  Three things that changed my life. You may have seen this hashtag in my posts lately and you may have even thought I was just ‘being Rina,’ but let me tell you little about how it came about and why I’ve adopted it. I used to be the shell of the person I am […]

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For the love self

Now hold on to your hats folks, I’m about to blow your mind with a truth bomb. I am pretty confident in myself and what I am capable of doing. Shocker, I know, so that is not the truth bomb. Here’s the real, raw and ugly truth. I am also capable of criticizing my body […]

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What does it mean to be ‘In the moment?’

The water was still. The only sounds were of the occasional car and the plunk of a hook. The sun was about to crest the horizon. In a lake full of dead trees, the beauty was breathtaking. The slightest breeze glides us along the surface, the only thing keeping us tethered to that spot was […]

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