April 5, 2019

Focus You

Six weeks of dedicated you time to grow and achieve your goals!

We cover six topics, over a six week time period. These topics are:


What is it you fear in your business or life? Fear of rejection? Fear of losing customers? Fear of losing house, spouse or livelihood?

By evaluating the four foundations of fear and removing emotion from the equation, you are able to achieve your goals.

Thoughts & Boundaries

Do you let customers/employees/coworkers affect your mood? Judging another person as good or bad based on their behaviors? This is about releasing attachment to external forces, setting boundaries with other people and increases your internal sense of happiness.

Your Why

In order to move forward and get through the difficult times, we need to understand what motivates us. Understanding our why will help with this.
If you have lost sight of your why, reconnect with it.


Talking ourselves out of something is easy to do when faced with obstacles. Understanding what your vision is helps to clearly identify steps and take action. We also have a need to visualize a conversation with our inner critic to become our own best advocate.

Priorities & Discipline

Priorities give you the courage to say no. If you have a hard time saying no to events, requests or other tasks not in alignment with your why, vision and goals, then reviewing priorities is a must.


Do hear yourself say “we can’t do that because…” Or “I should do it this way…” A belief is one way we limit ourselves and we keep acting in ways that don’t benefit us. Examining, questioning and in some cases re-framing your beliefs will allow you to reach new heights. You won’t get to tomorrow using the same tools that brought you to today.

This class is the perfect combination of personal and professional development.

Each class is an hour in length.

Cost is $447

Materials provided

Location: Groundswell Co-Working Space