Groups Rock

Why sit alone in doubt and self criticism when you can make it a group effort? 

Okay, that’s dramatic. 

Half of entrepreneurs report being regularly stressed with loneliness being recognized as one of the key sources of that stress. Let me guess, no one told you that it really is lonely at the top, and likely no one is discussing it out loud at your local networking meetings, either. 

It gets easier to unveil your true authentic self when you tap into a community of people that are in the trenches with you. Believe it or not, vulnerability (yes, that four letter word) is truly the key to unlocking your entrepreneurial potential, and it’s a lot more fun to celebrate success in a group. We might even bust out the streamers. 

Your six month commitment to group coaching takes resiliency to a new level, with perspective, accountability, and community from the group atmosphere, the source of a lot of that stress no longer applies. 

ICR Iowa Collaboration to Support Entrepreneurs  

I am so excited and proud to facilitate peer group and individualized coaching through an exciting partnership with NewBoCo in Cedar Rapids and MERGE in Iowa City. 

Co-working spaces are the epitome of individuality and community. For those of us who work for ourselves and by ourselves we feel the isolation and the disconnect from community. When we worked for a corporation we had a built-in set of rules, deadlines and colleagues. We had friends around the water cooler. We had people we could vent to, share work with, celebrate with and food days (I kinda miss food days).

This partnership with NewBoCo and MERGE happened because we all see the need in providing resources to those working in their spaces. Most importantly we understand the need to acknowledge the emotional and psychological side of business. When we have someone with whom we connect with, the problems seem smaller and the solutions become easier.
This collaboration is like an easy button for entrepreneurship problems solving and one I’m thrilled to offer. 
You can find the application for each group coaching opportunity at the links below.

NewBoCo Small Group Coaching Program and Application link

MERGE Iowa City Small Group Coaching Program

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