Becoming and Being Resilient


Resiliency is about being able to recover quickly from a setback.

We are certainly experiencing a shared and enormous setback right now. We are unsure how to process, what the next steps are or even could be. And we as humans, with obligations and families to care for and bills to pay, feel the weight of the world and the overwhelm to be able to simply survive.

We hoard. We lash out. We have shorter fuses than normal. We want to cry and scream and hold our loved ones close. We are a little less kinder to those around us and we expect more than normal from employees (ours and those trying their best to help us).

While a normal response, it is an unproductive one.

In order to recover from this setback, to be resilient, we - collectively - have to work together. To be grace under pressure. To have compassion for ourselves and others.
This weekly group will meet - virtually - at least through June.

I am, and want to help you be, an advocate of perspective shifts. Of being neutral rather than stressed/worried/fearful. To look for opportunities and potential solutions where you once saw problems and barriers.

Together we will get through this. And it starts with our own thoughts, feelings & behaviors.

Each week we will explore the tools and modalities used to help shift perspective and work on being neutral - eventually working towards a positive perspective.

During each meeting, if someone would like to share an experience (with the intent on shifting the thoughts not just venting) we'll do a live coaching with you and use the tools we're learning.**

For now, start with gratitude.

Gratitude about the world around you (general)
Gratitude about yourself (your abilities, thoughts, moments you've given yourself grace)
Gratitude for that one person grating on your nerves.

There is a method to this process and in times like this trusting the process is difficult, I know. I'm asking you to trust the process and do this work, if for no other reason than to help yourself be the resilient person you want to become.

By coming together and helping each other see the opportunities and possibilities, we will survive this. Innovation and creativity are at peak performance in times of crisis, if we're open to it.

Come together. Support each other. When we recover from this setback we will be even more united.

If you are local to the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area and If you’re feeling overwhelmed, in crisis, or having thoughts of suicide, call Foundation 2 Crisis Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 319-362-2174

** I am not a licensed mental health therapist or counselor. If you are feeling an extreme sense of overwhelm, I encourage you to seek the help of a therapist/counselor

Becoming and Being Resilient

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