The Resiliency Book Club

I love anything development. Personal. Professional. If it's about growing and expanding as a human, I want in on it!  If you fit into this category of self-help, alter-your-thinking, see new perspectives and always wanting more to learn, then this club is for you!  The only books we will read and discuss will be those geared towards helping us become a better version of ourselves! Some of the books will be business related, some will be spiritual and a little woo-woo, some will be female focused and some will be gender fluid. My hope is, because we all are here to learn and see new perspectives, no matter what book we're reading, you will be able to find something in it that you love, or at least prompts new thought! 

$10 / month

How this works

Every week - Sunday’s at 7PM Central Time - I’ll share a link to a live Zoom call so we can chat about that week’s reading. The recorded video will then be uploaded into a secret Facebook group that you will have access to with your membership. In that group, everyone is able to post questions, comments and insights about what we have read. 

Membership for this book club is only $10 per month and you are able to purchase or borrow your books however you wish. 

Grow your community of like-minded people with The Resiliency Book Club!


The Resiliency Book Club

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