My extensive experiential and traditional education allows me to understand and empathize your situation, and provides me the tools to help level you up.

It won't be easy, but let's work


Need a little inspiration & motivation? Corporate training and conference speaker, learn more about existing topics or ask for a custom talk.

Motivate & inspire us!


I host various networking programs in my area. From referral and success / accountability groups to speed networking & mingles. Everyone outside our immediate family we have met through networking. Friendships are formed, career opportunities and even love interests! So really, networking is just friend-making!



I love to get into groups and watch you Badass women build each other up, help expand ideas and just love one another! Empowered women, empower women! Let’s get it!!

Be Badass Together!


We will probably work well together, but let's get coffee or zoom and connect to make sure! 

Coffee Please

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