Business Resilience Workshops

These trainings are hands on, small group, interactive classes. Each workshop will provide you with a tool to use in your daily life to help you create a habit, transform your thoughts and give you information to share with friends and family. 

Expectations Audit

"Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so, " Shakespeare.

Expectations are important in many ways, but holding onto the uncontrollable outcomes and allowing emotions to run wild is what causes us anger, frustration and sometimes sadness. Learning to release our attachment to those outcomes is an art. Awareness and empathy are vital attributes for this class and you will leave having practiced the tools to start your detachment journey.


  • Co-creation & Communication
  • Judgement - we've all been doing it wrong
  • Thought Progression

Who should attend

Leadership teams

Sales staff

Business owners




Networking In Real Life

In this day of social media we are becoming more and more disconnected with real life interactions. We feel as though we intimately know people we've never met and yet feel incredibly awkward in their presence.

So let's talk about etiquette and judgement and throw in a little bit of confidence building for good measure.


  • What is networking
  • Why network
  • Body language ques
  • Tips & tricks
  • Follow ups

Who should attend

Sales professionals

Service providers

Business owners

College students


How Not to Fail at Business

This ain't your mentor's kind of talk....

Google 'why businesses fail' and you'll find all kinds of reasons from poor leadership to lack of, or wrong, marketing. These are all true. These are all surface reasons and it's time for us to dig a little deeper.


  • Four relationships every business owner and leader should have in order to be more successful
  • Understand the four pillars of fear and how to overcome them
  • Gratitude as an invaluable source of perspective

Who should attend:

Small business owners

Commission driven sales agents

Insurance & Real Estate Agents

Aspiring business owners

Management teams

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